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In 6 months we train you to become the next Growth Hacker! All whilst you work (and get paid) in a high-growth company, working on real-life business cases!

Get hired! Get paid! Get upskilled!




  • You have a marketing background
  • At least 1 year of working experience
  • Proficiency level in English
  • You're available full-time for at least 1 year and looking for a longer-term commitment
  • Specialisation in one of the following is a plus: UX/UI, front-end, back-end, PPC campaigns, content marketing, marketing automation, website optimization


  • Fundamentals Training: Building Personas, User Journeys and Identifying Important Metrics
  • Identifying the right Awareness Channels 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Landing Page Design and Copywriting
  • Usability Testing and Soft Data
  • How to: Rapid Experimentation


Days 1-6

  • Analytics and Tracking: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • A/B Testing and CRO
  • SEA: Google, Facebook and Linkedin as Channels for Growth
  • SEO: Framework for Auditing and Improving Ranking
  • Engineered Marketing & Virality
  • Marketing Automation
  • UX and Following a Design Process 
  • ROI of Experiments
  • Alumni Sessions

Training Sessions  

over the next 6 months

  • Email Marketing: Best Practises and Tooling
  • Activation: Finding the 'WOW Moment'
  • Advanced Retention Strategies and User Segmentation
  •  A.I.: Predictive Modelling 
  • A.I.: Clustering & Text Analysis
  • Graduation Talks with Motivational Speakers (e.g. Maurine Alme - CMO TakeAway or Marc van Agteren - CEO Usabilla)

How does it work?

Our courses include Lessons, group projects, face-to-face coachings with trainers and peers, skype calls and you have access to Growth Tribe's ever growing Alumni platform - even after completing the Talent Accelerator!

We will match you up with one of our partner companies! That means that you'll get a full-time employment in a high-growth company - including a monthly salary between 2000-2250 Eur gross!

  • after the Bootcamp week you immediately get to implement your learnings, working on real-life projects your new company provides you with!

Getting to Work at your new Company 

  • you'll return every other Tuesday to learn even more
  • you get to receive support and feedback from trainers and your peers
  • face-to-face coachings
  • support if you run              into any blockers

Bi-Weekly Training

at Growth Tribe

  • you get to know your trainers, your peers in the beginning of the Talent Accelerator
  • during this week you'll learn a lot of techniques and tools you need to get going in your new role

Bootcamp Week

at Growth Tribe

4 Editions per Year!

the 6-Month Growth & A.I. Talent Accelerator program kicks off in the following months: 

Start Date: 

20th March 2020

Application Deadline: 

end of February

Applications open:

Beginning of April

Applications open:

Beginning of July

Applications open:

Beginning of August

Become one of the Talents in our

Talent Pool!

Successful candidates will become a part of our talent pool, and you will get the chance to get matched to a dynamic high-growth company!

should be timeline with estimation how long it will take

Step 1: 

Once you send in your application we screen it within the next 

2 business days

Reviewing your application

Step 3: 

Step 2: 

Step 4: 

Once you mastered the challenge we'll invite you to a phone call within the next 

10 business days

Phone Interview

You've made it!

You're officially part of our 

Talent Pool and will have the opportunity to get matched with one of our partner companies!


We will send you a real-life business case. 

To complete it you have

5 business days


Why join?

Watch our 5-minute video where one of our founders 👇👇👇 explains upskilling is the way to go👇👇👇

Join our alumni with career tracks like...

Alexandra Blaise Display Performance Marketing


Francis Mustert Digital Marketing Strategist 


Wouter Rijnaerts Marketing Manager 

FranklinCovey Benelux

Dorothea Luik 

Business Development Analyst

Creative Group

Maud Bollen

Disruptive Innovation


Samuel Becht 

Growth Marketer


Gino Arendz

Growth Manager


Amazing careers start with meaningful training and coaching!

How do we match you up 

with a Company?

*Please note that we can never promise a match as it's highly dependent on the companies and your performance in the f2f. 

1. We'll approach the Talents in our Talent Pool with interesting vacancies.

5. You're happy and the company likes you - congratulations! You get a full-time contract and can start the Talent Accelerator!*

3. Only if you like the vacancy we will propose you as potential candidate to the company - it's in your hands!

2. You have time to look over the vacancy and decide if you're interested!

4. In a face-to-face interview you get to know the team and company behind the vacancy. 

                        Success story:

The talents joined the Online Ordering and Conversion Team, where they worked alongside 150 colleagues.

               enrolled two trainees in the Talent Accelerator with the goal to learn how to structurally ensure Growth for themselves and their company

The participants ran various experiments on the homepage and checkout pages, including price assurance and recommended product flows.

Outcomes for the trainees: both trainees managed to upskill in their role, established the base of a dedicated growth team and got promoted to a management position. 


" The real value of the program is that you'll learn how to embrace the analytical side of experiments and how to set them up so that they bring value to the company. "

Gino Arendsz | Growth & Ecommerce Manager Benelux at Helloprint

The rapid experimentation philosophy has already gained a foothold in the marketing department. The Usability Hub account is exploding with pre-tests of marketing creatives. This has dramatically reduced discussions and opinions and thus increased efficiency and has made life a lot easier!

Thomas van den Hof

We didn't really have someone that knew how to make decisions that were data-driven. We just did things and if that worked then we would continue doing it or develop it further.

The Talent Accelerator has impacted my career in an expanding way, making my skill set broader so that I am able to use this in the field that I studied for. 

Lisa Habermehl

Maud Bollen 

Growth isn’t just a compilation of techniques, it’s a mindset, and it’s helping me a lot in my current role. I got to learn how to apply powerful tools that would have made my life A LOT easier if I had known about them before. If you’re looking to challenge your career,  this is one of the best things you can do!

Matilde Lazzari

The main benefit of this program is that you get the Growth Mindset, work with the latest tool and get a hands-on experience.

The main impact on my career? Getting more hands-on experience in field of Digital Marketing and no longer having to rely on other agencies to run experiments for new innovations in my company!

Growth Hacker Trainee at Effectory

Consumer Insight – Distruptive Innovation at Unilever

Project leader teaching material VO - Future NL

Senior Brand Manager Benelux at Takeaway.com

The Alumni Experience

Still unsure? Let me help out!

Hi, I am the Lead Talent Consultant at Growth Tribe and focus on the Growth & AI Talent Accelerator. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach me via WhatsApp (+31611438674) and I'll get back to you asap!

Located at the heart of the city, Amsterdam’s Marineterrein, we turned a former EU conference facility into our campus. 

  • 1300m2 of dedicated training space 
  • Ultrafast fibreglass internet to make sure there’s nothing in the way of execution
  • Lounge & chill areas to wind down and let your learnings sink in.



What are the costs for trainees? 

None! The company will hire and sponsor you.

I don’t feel like I match the qualities you describe on your website, can I still apply?

Yes, do it :)!

How will the participants be selected?

Trust us, we have a team of hardcore growth marketers and Artificial Intelligence professionals who know how to pick the real talent.

Do you teach in Dutch or English?

English. Some companies will require Dutch speaking trainees, though. 

Can I apply if I am not from the Netherlands? 

Yes, if you are an EU citizen or have a solid working permit. Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot fix a working permit for you. Student permits are not valid as you will be hired by a company.

What will the remote training experience be like?

Our program is broken up into two stages. First, you will be joining a 1-week boot camp at our campus in Amsterdam. You'll then be able to learn remotely via pre-recorded sessions and have online coaching sessions, all while applying what you've learned at your company!

Do I get an official degree? 

Yes! You get an official Growth Tribe certificate that you successfully completed the Talent Accelerator .

Do I get a salary or compensation? 

Yes, the company will give you a market conform traineeship salary on a monthly basis. Your salary will range from €2000 to €2250 based on your experience. Understand that the company invests a lot in you by providing you with an exclusive spot in the Growth & A.I. Talent Accelerator.

Growth Tribe is Europe’s first growth academy. We empower people and companies to rapidly gain new skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’.

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