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With so many marketing channels around, marketers and growth hackers need to have broad experience in multiple domains. How many channels do you really know?




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Who are T-Shaped Marketers?

T-Shaped marketers are marketing specialists of the future. They are experts in one or two areas of marketing, but have a practical understanding of all other domains.  

What are the benefits of being a T-Shaped Marketer?

Holistic Strategy

Having a practical understanding of multiple domains enables T-Shaped marketers to create holistic marketing strategies to supercharge growth

Organisational Integration

T-Shaped marketers can easily work with other teams, understanding company-wide bottlenecks and how to solve them

Career Potential

There is a high demand for T-Shaped marketers as companies are looking to experiment with more channels and diversify their growth

What marketing skills should you have to be
a T-Shaped Marketer?

Base Knowledge

Front-End Code
(73% avg. skill strength)

Service Design
(66% avg. skill strength)

Behaviour Psychology
(64% avg. skill strength)

Understanding what your prospects and customers think is fundamental to building great products and creating an effective marketing strategy
With the rise of no-code platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Instapage marketers can create beautiful landing pages without coding skills. But knowing HTML and CSS can help marketers stay independent from tech teams and deliver results faster
Marketers need to know how to plan and arrange various components of a service to improve its quality

(38% avg. skill strength)

Stakeholder Management
(57% avg. skill strength)

Design & UX
(55% avg. skill strength)

Great design is what often makes or breaks a new product. Even though there are great designers out there, marketers should now design fundamentals
AR/VR is a new thing in marketing, but T-Shaped marketers are the ones who jump on the new trends first
T-Shaped marketers usually work across departments to deliver the best results. You need to know how to manage multiple stakeholders to be successful

Omnichannel Marketing
(56% avg. skill strength)

(43% avg. skill strength)

T-shaped marketers know how to integrate various channels to create a consistent brand experience
With a shift to measurable performance channels, marketers are expected to report on the spending and understand the basics of financial forecasting

Marketing Foundation

(78% avg. skill strength)

Experiment Design
(36% avg. skill strength)

Digital Analytics
(75% avg. skill strength)

If before marketing was largely based on gut feel, today's marketing strategy is always data-driven. Data analytics skills are one of the most in-demand skills for marketers
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) enables you to improve your website and drive more registrations to your product
T-Shaped marketers need to know how to organise, conduct and interpret the results of experiments

Marketing Automation
(34% avg. skill strength)

Artificial Intelligence (33% avg. skill strength)

Funnel Marketing
(80% avg. skill strength)

Marketers should be able to understand, measure and visualise marketing funnels to improve conversion rates and increase ROI
With so many tools around modern marketers need to know how to connect and automate some of the processes
It seems like a buzzword but machine learning is now used in a variety of marketing software from paid ad optimisation to SEO 

(79% avg. skill strength)

(76% avg. skill strength)

Digital Project Management
(73% avg. skill strength)

All marketers should be able to tell compelling stories to users. Storytelling is one of the oldest skills in the marketers' toolkit
Writing effective copy is a skill that all marketers should know. It's essential to creating websites, emails and ads
T-Shaped marketers need to know how to streamline processes of managing online projects from concept to completion

Channel Expertise

Organic Social
(67% avg. skill strength)

Engineered Marketing
(78% avg. skill strength)

Paid Ads
(21% avg. skill strength)

Paid ads are a bread-and-butter of performance marketers. You need to know how to design ads that get attention and convert well
Facebook organic reach is dead. LinkedIn is full of potential but the algorithm changes regularly. Stay on top of your game. Always look for new social channels!
Can you create a simple tool that your target audience needs? This can be a great way to generate leads

Marketplaces(70% avg. skill strength)

(66% avg. skill strength)

SEO(43% avg. skill strength)

Email is an old-school channel, but it's still very effective. Knowing how to create emails that convert is a great skill
SEO is a channel that most marketers want to master, but it's a rapidly changing discipline, so you always need to stay on top of it
Your target audience is hanging out on other people’s platforms, and these aren’t all social networks. Marketers need to understand how to market on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Etsy etc.

Content Marketing
(41% avg. skill strength)

(67% avg. skill strength)

(69% avg. skill strength)

Knowing how to develop strategic relationships not only helps with your marketing efforts but also enables you to better manage internal stakeholders
As a marketer, you usually need a PR agency to work with, but you also need to understand the fundamentals to create the right strategy
Content Marketing is the King! To be a great T-Shaped Marketer you don't need to be a professional copywriter, but you need to know the fundamentals.

Mobile Optimisation
(79% avg. skill strength)

Lifecycle Marketing
(76% avg. skill strength)

Qualitative Research
(80% avg. skill strength)

What really matters in the modern age of marketing is how to acquire, activate and convert customers – and ultimately retain them and get them to refer others
User research might sound like a simple skill to master, but it often takes years to perfect the art of asking the right questions
We’ve changed from ASO to a broader mobile optimisation that encompasses all things mobile. Around 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices

(32% avg. skill strength)

Revenue Testing
(54% avg. skill strength)

Growth Loops
(62% avg. skill strength)

Marketing & Growth teams are increasingly being asked to demonstrate ROI and the revenue impact of experimentation.
Virality is what every business wants to achieve, but very few actually manage to. Building viral loops and supercharging referrals is one of the most in-demand skills for marketers
We covered Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) but there are special skills required to test landing pages. T-Shaped marketers need to know how to create and test high-converting landing pages

(66% avg. skill strength)

(71% avg. skill strength)

Lead Generation
(78% avg. skill strength)

Onboarding a customer (or a user) is one of the most important parts of a user journey. Great marketers know how to create a slick experience that drives long-term retention
T-Shaped Marketers need to know how to make use of behavioural insights, segmentation and dynamic personalisation through reveal APIs to drive leads
For many business models such as subscription models, freemiums, media websites, marketplaces, loyal e-commerce, user-generated content websites or apps, retention is king