Learn the Essentials of Growth
in our 6-week Evening Course

Deep dive into the cutting-edge growth processes, frameworks and mental models used by fast growing companies and their people.

Your headline

Growth Hacking (or Growth Marketing)
is data-driven marketing based on rapid experimentation.

It entails a mixture of Behavioural Psychology,
Creative Marketing,  
Coding/Automation, and Data/Testing.

Essential skills  which are required to make an impact as a B2B and B2C Marketer.

Growth Marketing

What is it really?

  • Focus on Mindset and Process for Growth implementation

  • Defining the prerequisites to implement a growth hacking strategy

  • How to optimize your Awareness, Acquisition, Activation and Referral stage of the funnel

  • How to build landing pages, optimize copy, collect soft data and apply persuasive tactics more efficiently

  • Differentiating between types of digital tests & prioritizing experiment ideas

2 Day Crash Course

6 Week Evening Course

✅  Everything we cover in the 2 Day Crash course +25% more content and exercises.

✅  Set up Soft and Hard Tracking, launch Marketing automation, apply Conversion Rate Optimisation frameworks.

✅  Apply Growth tactics directly to your daily work.


✅  Personal Coaching and direct feedback on your business cases from expert Growth coaches.

✅  Peer to Peer buddy system. Get feedback, network and learn from other professionals.

✅  Advanced homework: optimize your learning curve between the lectures.

The difference between the 6 Week Evening Course and the 2 Day Crash Course:

Not sure yet?

What skills do you have?

Continuous learning is crucial.

The T-shaped marketer is the ultimate all-rounder. Possessing a broad width of knowledge complemented by a deep understanding of several expert areas. We use the Pareto approach in our teaching, we'll teach you the 20% you will be able to use 80% of the time.

Stay relevant and cutting-edge in the workforce with this new skillset:

What Skills are you currently missing?
Upskill yourself now:

"Awesome course. Definitely essential for anyone that wants to be up to date with latest framework & tools in Growth Hacking."

Clara Gabriela Nuta 

Digital Marketing Manager at Philips

Key skills & takeaways for


  • Develop personally and professionally in a new and innovative field
  • Get the right mindset and knowledge about the new way of working
  • You will become more technical and data-driven
  • Upskill yourself with the latest digital skills you can apply in daily work

"Great course, every company that wants to grow (ie: every company) should work according the Growth Marketing framework. Thank you Growth Tribe!"

Maarten de Pril 

Product Owner at Aegon

Key skills & takeaways for


  • You will become more technical and data-driven
  • Transform into full-funnel optimization expert
  • Mental models and frameworks that you can apply straight away in your daily work
  • You will have a backlog prioritized and ready to test 

"I recommend all entrepreneurs that are starting up a new business, to do this course! It really helps you to set things up in from the start. Parallel to this course you can start you business in a very structured and helpful way."

Matthijs Westerwoudt

Founder at The Landscape Company

Key skills & takeaways for


  • Quickly scale new products through rapid experimentation 
  • A growth mindset you can pass on to your employees
  • All necessary frameworks and models to your business
  • Learn technical growth skills

"I loved the Growth Hacking 6 Week Evening course. So many insights that can be used immediately at KPN! Besides that I learned about a great amount of new tools and best practices."

Kim Stolk

Marketeer at KPN

Key skills & takeaways for


  • Upskill with the latest digital skills you can apply directly to current or any future job
  • You will become more technical and data-driven
  • Personal and professional development in the growth marketing field
  • Transform from top of the funnel expert to full funnel expert

Who is this course for?

Online Marketers, Digital Marketers, Product Owners, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Senior Marketeers, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and everyone else who would want to upskill. For both b2b and b2c professionals. Find out more! 👇

Ginger van der Swart

Online Marketeer at KWF Kankerbestrijding

"Growth Tribe helped me refresh my online knowledge and did this in a way that is easy to implement in your daily work. All the tools used are easy to use and not too expensive, which is nice as I work in a non-profit Organisation."

Stefan Hagens

Innovation Manager at ABN AMRO Bank

"Whether you're starting with your own business idea, work at a startup or in corporate innovation; it's all assumptions, data driven validation and learnings. The 6-week Growth Hacking Course will give you an excellent head start in doing just that."

"I really enjoyed my 6 weeks course at growth tribe. They really helped me setting the best mind-set to drive innovators and results."

Giorgio Napoli
Marketing Specialist at Adidas Group

Bo Rettich

Account Manager at Jellow

"I took this class after looking to broaden my skills for the future. It has been of huge value and introduced me to tons of amazing hacks and techniques! Highly recommended for people with interests in growing their company."

Your 6- week Learning Journey

  • Growth Marketing Use Cases You Need To Know
  • Adopting A Growth Hacking Mindset
  • Data Driven: Funnel Marketing Done Right
  • Growth Marketing Process Implementation (GROWS)
  • An introduction to Psychographic Personas
  • Homework: Personas, Pirate Funnel, GROWS app

The Fundamentals

Week 1

  • Using Soft & Hard Data to Grow Your Business
  • How Data Fits into the Growth Process
  • Scavenger Hunt: Finding Actionable Insights
  • Hard Data: Setting up Tracking
  • Soft Data: Run Your First Five-Second Test
  • Homework: Implement More Data Tools

Soft and Hard Data

Week 2

  • Finding Your One Metric That Matters (OMTM)
  • Designing Your First Growth Experiment
  • Gathering & Ranking Your Experiment Ideas
  • Outlining Growth Experiments
  • Homework: Experiments, A/B Testing, Ideas Ranking

GROWS Sprint

Week 3

  • Discovering New Channels for Growth
  • Piggybacking Your Competitors
  • Leveraging Other People’s Networks (OPN’s)
  • Getting Started with Tools-Based Marketing
  • Overpowered Marketing Automation
  • Homework: OPN’s and Engineered Marketing

Channels for Growth

Week 4

  • CRO: The Lift Model
  • LPO: Relevance & Symmetric Messaging
  • Landing Page Optimisation: Cognitive Overhead
  • Usability Testing: Value Proposition 
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Theory, Exercises, Tools and Coaching
  • Homework: Landing Page Creation, Experiment Design

Acquisition and Beyond

Week 5

  • The Mindset for Growth Hacking
  • A Process for Implementing Growth: Next Steps
  • Hiring for Growth & The Growth Team
  • Experiment Ranking & Design
  • Coaching from Growth Experts
  • Homework: Implement Viral Tools & Execute Your Experiments

How to fit Growth In Organsation

Week 6

6 weeks, 50+ tools, 40 exercises

Meet a few of your 23 Trainers and Coaches

Growth, Retention, Activation, Product,

Sebastian Almnes 

Trainer / Coach

Growth marketing, experiment design, artificial intelligence in marketing.

David Arnoux

Trainer / Coach

Conversion centric design, visual design, product, UX, UI, User testing

Stefan Daniëls

Trainer / Coach

Technical Marketing and Automation, A/B testing, web analytics, SEA

Tess Lucassen

Trainer / Coach

Conversion Rate Optimisation, A/B Testing, Full funnel marketing

Mirella Zlateva

Trainer / Coach

Data gathering, data analysis, web tracking and marketing automation.

Quentin Lacointa

Trainer / Coach

Behaviour Psychology, Customer development, Persona building.

Sarah Bacom

Trainer / Coach

Experiment design, 

technical marketing, automation. Addicted to web scraping.

Job Rietbergen

Trainer / Coach

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Dates, pricing and booking

January 10th - January 17th

€ 1,497

-excl. VAT

Thursday, January 16th to Friday, January 17th

from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Marineterrein, Kattenburgerstraat 7, Gebouw 027E

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What you get out of the 6 Week Evening Course

Boost your Marketing Digital Marketing Skills

Boost your Digital Marketing skills


Learn and become

Growth Hacking expert

Advanced homework: optimize your learning curve between the lectures.

Adopt the Growth Mindset and rapid experimentation process.

Learn from your peer professionals through our
buddy system.

Coaching and feedback from our trainers: the experts in the field.



Get lifelong access to our exclusive Online Learning Environment.




to discover.



Access to our Exclusive Slack Channel Community with +3000 Growth Experts from previous courses.

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Growth Tribe is Europe’s first growth academy. We empower people and companies to rapidly gain new skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’.

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