Data Analytics Course

12 Weeks | Live Online Classes

6-10 hours of learning per week

Learn data analytics and understand tools like SQL, Tableau & Python.  Enjoy a highly personalised learning journey and frequent 1:1 coaching sessions. Learn how to apply this crucial skill set to your job.



12 weeks

Next start date

March 11th, 2021

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Who this course is for

  • Managers at mid-level or executive functions that want a clear path to decision-making based on data
  • Anyone in a role hoping to understand (and confidently work with) the new world of data that runs through every business, government and institution
  • Anyone wanting to become data-literate and data fluent but needs a structured pathway to development

If that sounds like you, you're perfectly fit to join. If we expect a session to be a little more challenging, we'll give you what you need to be prepared upfront. 

What you'll master after the course

The course will take you from navigating spreadsheets in a new and professional way, right through using cutting edge business intelligence and machine learning tools to deliver clear insights and make rational predictions from data.

Data Analytics Processes

Being an Excel Ninja

Data Business Cases

Build a detailed plan for how to tackle the analysis of a business problem.

Use Excel in ways you never thought possible - automated data functions & cleanup, charting best practice, pivot tables, and logic operators

Examining a business case to clean, analyse and visualise data to spot trends and deliver insights.

Querying & organising data with SQL

Data visualisation & storytelling

Basics in Machine Learning

Use SQL to query a relational database, bringing the data you want to the surface. Use SQL intuitively.

Translate your data findings into beautiful and clear insights in Tableau, the leading industry tool for business intelligence.

Begin building prediction models. Supervised and unsupervised models using regressions, forests and neural networks.

Brought to you by leading data experts 

Philip Joubert

Mauricio Bernardo da Silva

Lead trainer


Philip has been an educator for over 15 years and is now the lead Data trainer at Growth Tribe. He’s an educational and experiential tech researcher at the educational media group Mindset Network. His passion is using tools to expose hidden phenomena.

Fun fact: He carries 10kB of digital data at all time.

Mauricio has been working in the tech space for over 10 years. First for media and entertainment production and later in content and data analysis for a big tech company. There, he became passionate about providing large scale trainings to adults. Always balancing the human and artistic side with science, he is now a Data Trainer at Growth Tribe. Key professional passion is to support people in improving their skillset and decision-making.

What you'll do & achieve

Learn key tools of the industry.

No hidden costs here. Access to all tools is included.

Work on a personal project.

Work on a real-life data project. Learn to prepare, clean, analyse, and visualise data & present the results to your business.

Get certified for your great work.

Use the certificate to share on your social media & score during your future job interviews.

Here's an overview of what you get

Personalisation & capability scan

4x Personal coaching sessions

A personal project to showcase

A personal assessment will give a clear view of your strengths and improvement points. We'll create your personalised learning journey based on its outcome.

Four personalised coaching sessions with your mentor to facilitate your learning progress based on your specific needs.

Execute data projects end to end, solving a real-world problem, learning to make impact with your work.

Lifelong access & support

12 weeks of courses 

and exercises

Live online workshops

12 weeks of live courses, homework (approx. 2-3hrs per week, depends on you!), exercises, reading, videos, templates, micro-learning and engaging interactions with peers

Lifelong access to your online learning environment: review content, videos & resources and stay connected with your community of peers.

Our online courses are hosted live to ensure real time teaching and facilitation from our data experts. Class sizes are limited to ensure you get the real-time support you need.

Want more detailed info? Download the course curriculum!

The course curriculum week by week

All expected results

Stats & facts about Data Analytics

All important skills explained in detail

Flexible payment options

"Participating in the course was one of the best educational experiences in my whole career. Growth Tribe is not only THE place to upskill but to find knowledge, motivation, and build fantastic relationships that will benefit everybody who is hungry for more learning. It’s the place where practice meets theory and you couldn’t want a better hands-on experience!"

"Growth Tribe made me aware of how to translate data into real opportunities by seeing connections and making predictions. These points can be easily illustrated and provided by BI  tools. Had I known these things while doing my thesis, my illustrations, data analyses and explanations would have been faster, more accurate and most of all, more insightful.  "

– Joanna frota Kurkowska, Data translator

– Jordy Kortekaas, Student of Business Administration

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Why Data Analytics roles are so in demand

Did you 


Did you 


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Data science and analytics job openings are expected to grow to at least 2.7 million by end 2020

65% of companies are struggling to analyse the data they store even though 89% agree that being able to analyse it would give them an advantage

Less than 0.5% of global created data is ever used


Source: Deloitte

Source: Deloitte


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