Customer-Centricity for Business

Everybody talks about customer-centricity, being data-driven and running projects the agile way. We know how to get your team there. 

In just 3 days of training.

Competing in dynamic global markets is hard

To succeed with customers, you need to adapt and innovate faster than ever.

You’ve probably heard the success stories behind companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Google and Netflix. You might be thinking the success is due to the fact these are youthful tech companies.

But did you know they have something else in common? Something that can be replicated and scaled in any business, in any industry? Customer-centricity, a culture of experimentation, and a mindset for growth.

We've trained teams at these companies on becoming customer-centric

Key characteristics of successful teams 

Traditional project planning is being replaced by data-driven experiments. In our digital world, it’s all about consumer-centric thinking, high agility and a scientific approach to rapid experimentation. We'd be happy to train you in the process, tools and tactics used by the world's fastest-growing companies.

We help your team succeed by transforming the way it works and thinks

After the training, your team will have built the capabilities that allow it to optimise every part of the customer journey. 

Through rapid experimentation, agile methodology and the use of cutting-edge tools.

What your team can do after the training

Adopt and foster a growth mindset and psychological safety

Benefit from a common language for seamless collaboration

Implement an effective experimentation mindset and process

Keep up with the latest and upcoming trends and developments

Build and implement customer-centric strategies

Transform into a self reliant team through breaking internal silos

Make business decisions informed by data

Think from the customers’ point of view in all your efforts

Who will benefit from the training

  • Executives & VPs
  • HR professionals
  • Marketers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Digital Consultants
  • Product Owners & their teams
  • Account Managers and Sales Professionals
  • Consultants 
  • Operations & Customer Service Experts
  • Anyone interested in growing a product, service or business

The results of this course are essential for all teams. Regardless of the industry, positions of your team members and the size of your company.

Here's what your team gets

3 days of training

Interactive live sessions

Hands-on exercises

2 dedicated coaches

24 participants

Central topics of this training

Organisations mistakenly focus on the top of the pyramid. On Tech, Tools and Processes. 

Yet, people are the foundation of your business. If every employee can make 1-2% better decisions every day, the returns will compound exponentially over time. 

In this training, your team will learn to focus on the right layers at the right time.

What your team gets after the training

Lifelong access to our exclusive online learning environment. Find all our up-to-date course materials at any given time!

An introduction to a community of over 16,000 professionals and exclusive access to:

Events, roundtables & workshops

Online Slack & Facebook groups

Online Content

New Courses

Networking opportunities

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