We source and train your next Business-Savvy Data Scientist

Access Europe’s most promising pool of Data Science Talent. You hand-pick the candidate to join the program, and we empower them with the skills needed to translate data into actionable business insights.

We T-Shape your Data Science Candidate with the Business knowledge needed to:

Explore and answer complex questions posed by management with data.

Extract and communicate information from data in an easy way.

Test the impact of new propositions.

Perform statistical modelling and machine learning.

Stop worrying and wasting time on endless 

incomprehensible data reports!

Hire a Data Science candidate to bridge the gap between data and business action!


This program trains your candidate to tackle data science from a business perspective. This ensures data analysis is conducted with the purpose to uncover insights that drive business & commercial value.


We teach your candidate to visualise & communicate your data insights in a way that's understandable from a business perspective to all stakeholders.


A clearer understanding of data insights and why they matter leads to better business intelligence and more impactful decision making throughout the organisation.

Benefits for your organisation:

Training & Coaching Experience

Future-proof your organisation's internal capabilities

This program is designed and delivered by industry professionals at the forefront of their fields to help your organisation:

  • Increase the data maturity level.
  • Attract the best data talent.
  • Train and  retain your talent.
  • Enhance ROI through coaching support.

Throughout the 12 months of training, your candidate will get hands-on experience working on real-life projects and answering complex questions. This experience will enable your talent to master the business applications of machine learning, proper experimentation and data analytics.

Hands-on classroom & training experience

The program kicks off with an intensive 2-week boot camp where your candidate will be introduced to several tools that will support the continuation of all projects in your company. 

The program participants will get the chance to know each other and will return monthly for additional training and coaching sessions.

Coaching for talent & company

The program is designed to offer both the talent and the company continuous support and coaching specific to your business case. 

The coaching sessions are built to remove any blockers and champion the ‘one metric that matters’ for your company. You will receive regular feedback on your candidate experiments to enhance their ability to work effectively as a team member.

Own projects and working on existing data

During the 12-month program, your candidate will work on experiments and projects related to your company and the specific business goals.


They will learn to create and run effective projects, navigate team dynamics and develop the skills to formulate solutions to real-world problems through business transformation.

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Why should you invest in the

 12-Month Data Science Talent Accelerator?

At Growth Tribe, your candidate will be trained on becoming a business-oriented Data Scientist. We believe that knowing how to extract data insights are essential, but what can you do with all those insights if you can't communicate them to stakeholders and take business actions? That's why our program has a High focus on Data storytelling, Visualisation and Business Skills!

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12-Month Data Science Talent Accelerator

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How does this program work?

We source high potential Digital Talent*

Our talent program consists of an eight-step recruitment process, where we source highly skilled data & analytics professionals. Our rigorous screening includes a series of challenges and a profile matching step to make sure we find the right fit for your company’s needs.

You hand-pick a candidate to hire from the talent pool

If a candidate passes our recruitment process, they will become part of our talent pool together with other highly skilled data and analytics professionals. You will be able to handpick the right profile for your company based on the skills, motivation and cultural fit. After that, you’ll be able to add them to your hiring process and determine the best fit for your company. 

We train & coach your new hire for your company

Your new hire will receive contextual coaching from our data experts on data science and stakeholder management. In addition to this, the program covers 29 sessions of hands-on and actionable training experiences on specific projects to take their data skills to the next level. 

During these 12 months, your company will get access to 19 coaching sessions that are fully committed to helping you achieve your targets and overcome specific challenges.

Your new hire helps turn data into action

Investment in training and lifelong learning is proven to have a significant impact on employee engagement and retention. 

We have developed our program with a type A data scientist in mind. You will have a data scientist that does not only read and analyse data but also translates this into a way that’s understandable for business professionals.

*Own talent can be enrolled in the program.

Step 2: Analytical & Personality Test

After the interview, the candidates will complete a rigorous analytical challenge to ensure that their skills match the program. The candidate will also have to present, visualise and reason their process and findings. As well the candidates will go through a personality test to ensure they have an open mindset to maximise their learning experience.

Step 1: Application Screening

The application process requires the candidate to fill in an extensive series of questions based on their skill set, motivation, previous experience and goals for the program. The process will also involve a resume screening to ensure application they have the right analytical or statistical background. Successful candidates will be invited for a phone interview to discuss their skills and motivations further.

Step 3: Choose Talent

We pick the candidates with the top results, motivation and skills and add them to our talent pool. You choose the talent most fit for your company, perform a cultural intake to make sure that they are a good match and invite them for a final interview. 

Step 4: Talent Joins Training

You hire your hand-picked candidate, and they become part of the program. We take care of the investment in training and lifelong learning to make sure your new hire is a valuable and long-term addition to your team and company!

Carefully selected data & analytics professionals in one place

The Talent Pool

Our 4-step recruitment process includes a skills assessment test, a competency challenge and a motivation interview. Successful candidates will be selected in our talent pool, and you will get to handpick the right talent for your company.

Interested in joining the Talent Pool?

We've Trained 1100+ Companies

Training Schedule

Bootcamp & Month 2

The program kicks off with an intensive 2-week boot camp. These two weeks will provide your new hire with the skills necessary to immediately start working on your team. 

Understanding all aspects of A.I. for business will set a solid base to analyse and score your data effectively. They will also start to experiment and test the impact of new processes and product designs on your business metrics. 

Month 3-4

During months 3 and 4, we will dive into the GROWS and rapid experimentation process by covering topics such as AB testing, sampling and multivariate tests. Your new hire will work with your data and the identified patterns to run their experiments. 

They will learn how to use data visualisation and how to create personalised data to reach your target audience. 

Month 5-6

Data science plays a critical role in extracting and communicating information from data. Months 5-6 will be focused on teaching candidates to translate complex topics into tangible insights for your business. 

Your new hire will learn how to prepare large data sets for analysis, machine learning, and how to collaborate with machine learning engineers.

Month 7-8

The core of months 7-8 is to explore how to transform the way you deliver products and services and create new ones. Participants will learn how to work with AI to optimise processes and also derive insights that deliver top results by covering topics such as A.I. transformation and data transformation. 

They will also get to cover Project/Time management and productivity to tackle critical tasks.

Month 9-10

Data visualisation and storytelling go hand in hand. In these months, your talent will deepen their knowledge on how to create effective data presentations. 

Design for data storytelling and how it can be applied to increase conversion will be explored as well as how to form design hypotheses and measure their validity. 

Presentation training and how to communicate, present and convince with data is also included. 

Month 11-12

For the last months of the program, your new hire will focus on social media and educating others. With this, they will be able to share their learnings with their team to form a more data-driven and analytical organisation. 

The last step of the program includes creating a final presentation for peers, coaches and our domain experts. All participants will return to the campus to present and share gained knowledge skills and competences, as well as receive feedback on their full learning journey of the program.

What we do for your Trainee

Of contextual coaching from our data experts on A.I. and stakeholder management.

Of hands-on fast-paced training.



To collaborate with other trainees and take your data skills to the next level.


You'll get hired and work in a fast-paced company or scale-up.


And peer to peer coaching on Slack. Join an active community of 2500+ Growth Tribe alumni.


In-house days at companies to learn about their data applications.


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Our Courses

Growth Tribe is Europe’s first growth academy. We empower people and companies to rapidly gain new skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’.

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